Authentic Ethiopian food and African Cuisine

Come taste the Ethiopian culture in Melbourne

Explore Abesha’s home-style Ethiopian food at affordable prices.

Discover the Good Atmosphere of FOOTSCRAY.

When we go to a restaurant, we always look for a place that has good atmosphere as well as good food. Well we are here for you. The culture of Ethiopia and the food that will give you adventure of flavours.

Good Vibes

In total 650m² of hand-crafted decor, mix of styles and colors.

Cozy Place

To make everyone entering the establishment feel at home and find their atmosphere.

Relax Atmosphere

Take refuge in our exclusive haven of greenery and away from the crowds. Live music and performances every Friday night!
Our Menu

Get Relax. Eat & Drink

Our menu features a range of traditional dishes from Ethiopia – including vegetarian options – as well as delicious desserts such as Injera (Ethiopian sourdough flatbread) with honey.

Kitfo Ethiopian Steak Tartare - 21.00

Beef. Minced and very lean tender chopped prime beef seasoned with butter and Mitmita. kitfo is served raw like steak tartare.

Darik Tibs - 19.00
Yebeg. Tender chopped lamb sauteed with onion, green chilli, rosemary, seasoned Ethiopian butter and herbs.
Doro Wat - 22.00

Pullet. Marinated with lemon juice and herbs gently simmered and cooked to tenderness in a hot and thick BBQ sauce served in Ethiopian style with a hard boiled egg.

Vegetarian Combo (V) - 19.00

Mixed four kinds of vegetable dishes with chopped onion, garlic, ginger, olive oil and mild berbere sauce.

Abesha Special - 21.00

Special combo. Combination of four types of Ethiopian dishes of meat and vegetable serving, kay watt, vegetables and alich wat with lamb ribs.

Shiro Wat - 15.00

Pureed split peas cooked with red pepper sauce, onion, garlic, ginger, olive oil and mild berbere sauce with the herb.

Yemiser Wat - 14.00

Red lentil stew simmered in seasoned red pepper sauce, onion, garlic, ginger, olive oil and mild berbere sauce with the herb.

Ater Kek Wat - 15.00

Mild stew of split beans cooked with an Ethiopian blend of herbs and species.


What They Say

Warm friendly staff, makes you feel at home. Extraordinarily delicious food - we always get the Abesha special. If we're really hungry between two, we'll get an order of Doro Wat and extra injera too and just such good value, it feels like a steal!
Rayna Mishra
Every dish had its own distinct and delicious flavour which made tasting each one a fun experience. Service was very friendly and prompt. We left very happy and full. Highly recommend!
First experience trying Ethiopian food, unique flavours. Loved the presentation. Very helpful manager, he recommended the food to us. We tried the beef, lamb and chicken. Lamb was our favourite. It was soft and juicy.
Rukshi Dominic


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